Saturday, April 2, 2011

A little bit of Thai in Phoenix

While living in San Antonio La Familia Fadel would frequent the many Thai restaurants that were in the vicinity of where we lived. Now we unfortunately don't have the luxury of living across the street from our favorite Thai joint anymore - so we improvise.

Jack and I had a great shopping day in which we just so happened to pick up this lovely concoction at World Market. It is well worth the $5. Not only did they have this flavor but they also had about 4 other varieties. Only thing I would recommend while there is picking up some of the World Market Curry Spice to kick up the spiciness a notch. Other than that, it's really delicious.

The sauce already contains baby corn bamboo shoots and bell pepper all you have to do is add the desired protein and you're good to go. I our case we added chicken and extra mushrooms, bell pepper, and bamboo shoots.